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Build financial goals with Steve Sitkowski

December 30, 2016
Creating wealth in order to buy that first home, retire at an appropriate age, open a small business or even live every day without stress and worry -- all of these feats take finesse, and finesse that few possess without a bit of help. Businessman and financial expert Steve Sitkowski has more than 30 years of industry experience, striving in his work today to pass his various financial insights onto others as they carve out better financial futures for themselves. Steven Sitkowski assists budding workers in the field as they move to become professional stock traders through his company Pro Trader Institute, which he founded in 2014 to educate and support new traders. He also provides valuable advice through numerous speaking engagements around the world as well as his 2009 published book 30 Day Money Makeover.
Steven Sitkowski is best-known as a prominent author, advisor, lecturer and talk show host whose entire professional life has been spent in the financial services industry. He has held licenses in real estate, insurance, securities and as a mortgage broker, he has also been a Registered Investment Advisor and a Certified Financial Planner. Over more than a quarter-century, Steve Sitkowski has taught thousands how to manage their investments and make their lives better, particularly in their retirement.